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School/Scout kits

Special pricing for schools and scouts.

Plants are intended for school sites and approved

scout projects. Your site must have a plan and plant list which includes student input and

has been approved by either Watermark Woods, Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy, or another

approved habitat resource.

Kits must be purchased on-site at Watermark Woods - Native Plants.

Monarch Mountain Mint.jpg

Pollinator Garden                              $250

This package is meant for establishing a new garden. If your site is larger or smaller we can adjust the plants and price. Suggested size 10×10 or 100 sq ft.

50 plants OR 35 plants and one shrub/tree.

Asclepias tubarosa.jpg

Supplemental Garden Kit                      $75 

This garden kit is for the school which already has a pollinator garden and is wanting to fill in holes or replace plants.

15 plants OR 1 tree/shrub and 5 plants.

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