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Plant Profile: Mitchella repens-Partridge Berry

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Flowers and berry.  Photo courtesy of Wiki Images  Fritzflohrreynolds

This little cutie is known by many names: partridge berry, squaw berry, two-eyed berry, pigeon plum & running fox just to name a few. Partridge berry is a slow growing, non-climbing vine. Its vining nature makes it a great ground cover as it never rises above a couple of inches but can spread 12 inches or more. Even more attractive is round dainty evergreen leaves accented by bright red berries.

Partridge berry grows best in full to mostly shaded area. It like a bit of moisture, but not too much. Acidic soil seems to help the plant thrive.

Partridge berry is consumed by several birds, such as ruffed grouse, sharp-tailed grouse, northern bobwhite, and wild turkey. Birds in the partridge family certainly like to eat the berries. They are also consumed by foxes, white-footed mice, and skunks. A nice addition to any wildlife habitat

Evergreen for shade...this is a must have!

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