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Plant Profile: Packera aurea-Golden Groundsel

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Packera is one of our favorites here at Watermark. This is a ground cover that will not disappoint! It is a plant that has it all:

  • Profuse spring flowers.

  • Grows most anywhere from almost full sun to full shade.

  • While it prefers moist soils, it will do well in average soil as well.

  • Best of all packera is great at spreading and is EVERGREEN!

Groundsel has basal leaves(Ground level) and send up 12in flower stalks in the spring. The flowers last more than a month. Packera spreads by both roots and seeds so it does a great job at choking out almost any other weed, even stilt grass! When you have a mass of packera in your yard it is just stunning.

Also know as Senico aurea, those sneaky botanists, changing names. 😉

Photo: Missouri Botanical Gardens

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