School/Scout Pollinator plant kits.  Special pricing for schools and scouts.  Plants are intended for school sites and approved scout projects.  Your site must have a plan and plant list which includes student input and has been approved by either Watermark Woods, Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy or another approved habitat resource.  


Pollinator Garden - $250


This garden kit is meant for establishing a new garden.  If your site is larger or smaller we can adjust the plants and price. 

Suggested size 10x10 or 100 sq ft. 


50 plants OR 35 plants and one tree/shrub  


Supplemental garden kit - $55


This garden kit is for the school which already has a pollinator garden and is wanting to fill in holes or replace plants. 


15 plants OR 1 tree/shrub and 5 plants

Watermark Woods will make a best effort to provide the plant species on your list, but reserves the right to make suitable substitutions based on plant availability.   Plant kits are only available March 1st thru November 1st. To apply for a plant kit contact Plant kit approval must be obtained a minimum of 10 days before your project.  One plant kit per school/scout per calendar year.