Height: 20 to 25 feet

Spread: 8.00 to 10.00 feet

Bloom Time: February to March

Bloom Description: Drab yellow-green male flowers

Sun: Full sun to part shade

Water: Medium to wet


Wax Myrtle is an evergreen tree that may grow 20 to 25 feet tall, but usually is much shorter. The light olive green leaves are alternate with a toothed margin, a spicy aromatic odor when crushed, and yellow resin dots on both surfaces. The bark is thin, smooth, and gray-brown, almost white. In spring, small male and female slim, cylindrical flowers mature. The small tree produces a bluish-white drupe that matures in clusters on short stalks and lasts through the winter. Some populations are dioecious and some are monoecious, which means that in some cases only the females produce fruit.

Myrica cerifera -Wax Myrtle 3G

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