Buttonbush is naturally found in backwater areas such as mud flats, beaver killed timber, slough edges, and mucky swamps that are usually too wet for other perennial species to establish and thrive, but will grow just about anywhere you plant it, including upland sites. It makes wonderful cover to protect ducks from predators, crappie absolutely love to spawn under them, bees utilize the flowers to make excellent honey, deer nail the new growth, and the list goes on.

Thanks to its super fast growing root system, buttonbush is a no-brainer to use as an erosion control and water quality tool, such as in stream bank stabilization and mitigation projects. Aside from the many wildlife and environmental benefits, buttonbush provides a long lasting, unique bloom display, and the glossy leaves show streaks and splotches of blood red color before dropping in the fall. So if youre aiming for aesthetics, improvement, or both, youll get what you need with our buddy the buttonbush






Cephalanthus occidentalis 'SUGAR SHACK'- Button Bush 3G

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