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Loudoun Wildlife Sale 9/9 Morven Park

We are busy as the bees preparing for the Loudoun Wildlife Sale on 9/9 at Morven Park in Leesburg. We are currently taking pre-orders. Probably smart to place a pre-order especially if you are looking for milkweed. It goes quick! We are happy to set aside the best looking plants for you to pick up at the sale. You can find our inventory list available here:

We will also have a limited number of plugs available at the sale. They will be 4 plants for $10. If you have never planted plugs before, it is a great way to get a robust plant for a fraction of the cost. The photo at left shows a sample plug. They have a 5in deep root so they establish quickly. Perfect for fall planting!

We will have the following plugs available at the sale, while supplies last:

Asclepias incarnata – Swamp Milkweed

Erect habit with pink flower clusters in July and August. Dry to moist or even wet soils. Height to 5 feet. Full Sun

Asclepias syriaca – Common Milkweed

Dusty pink flowers in early summer. Height 2-5 feet. Full Sun

Asclepias tubarosa – Butterfly weed

Drought tolerant showy orange flowers late June thru August. Height 18-24 inches. Full Sun

Aster novi-belgii

Moist soils or meadows. Pink/purple/white blooms in early fall. Height 305 feet. Full sun.

Eupatorium fistulosum – Joe Pye Weed / Trumpetweed

Butterfly magnet! Moist or wet soil. Stunner at 5-8 feet tall. Full sun to part-sun.

Eupatorium perfolatum - Boneset

East to grow in moist conditions. Late summer to fall flowers. White flowers. 3-4 feet tall Full Sun to part sun.

Monarda fistulosa – Bee balm / Wild bergamont

A vigorous plant with lavender flowers. Ht. 3 foot. Tolerates dry soils. Full Sun

Black eyed Susan Rudbeckia fulgida

Shiny deep green foliage. Flowers from mid July until October. Likes good light and good drainage. Butterflies love me! Ht.: 2 feet

Reulia humilis – Wild petunia

Cute as a button! Drought tolerant Blooms summer to fall! Height 2-3 feet. Lavender blooms. Caution. Rabbits like the young plants. Full sun to part sun.

Scutelaria incana – Hoary scullcap

Adorable purple flowers like mini snapdragons. Deer resistant! Any soil moisture. Height 204 feet. Full sun to part sun.

Solidago caesia – Bluestem Goldenrod

Hundreds of sm gold flowers blooms starting in mid to late summer. Height 2-3 feet. Shade to part sun.

Solidago graminifolia – Grass leaf Goldenrod

Loved by butterflies and native bees! Fine textured foliage. Flat topped flowers in late summer. Height 3-4 feet Full sun to part shade.


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