• julie070

New plants for 2017

We have been busy finding plants to add to our inventory. Along with the old standbys this year we will have some new additions:

Cephalanthus occidentalis 'Sugar Shack - A dwarf cultivar of our favorite button bush.

Saurus Cernus - Lizzards tail, a fun one for a wet area.

Symphoricarpos - Snowberry, delightful white berries.

Sanguinaria canadensis - Bloodroot, Wonderful spring ephemoral.

Comptonia - Sweetfern, marginally native here, but fun to grow.

Bignonia - Crossvine. Similar to trumpet vine, but less aggressive

Smilacina racemosa - Solomon's plume. White flowers for shade.

Callirhoe involucrata -Winecups. Marginally native, but a strong performer in the drought garden.

Porteranthus trifoliated - Bowmans root. American Physic, Sought after by herbalists.

We will have several other new plants coming in as well, stay tuned!


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