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Plant Profile: Phaseolus polystachios-Wild Kidney Bean

This year I learned about a new plant. Well, new to me. Wild Kidney Bean or Thicket Bean, is not only pretty but also edible, a fantastic combination for any native plant. This is a relative of the cultivated lima bean is smaller and much cuter! A perennial, climbing vine WKB will thrive at the woodland edge or anywhere it gets little to no shade. When happy it can climb up to 20 feet tall with a minimal spread. The seeds, however, can disperse several feet and will easily sprout. "The dried beans are collected out of the garden before the pods shatter and are prepared in much the same way we prepare any other dry bean, by soaking and boiling. Changing the cooking liquid half way throug

Plant Profile: Mitchella repens-Partridge Berry

Start writing your post here. You can insert images and videos by clicking on the icons above. This little cutie is known by many names: partridge berry, squaw berry, two-eyed berry, pigeon plum & running fox just to name a few. Partridge berry is a slow growing, non-climbing vine. Its vining nature makes it a great ground cover as it never rises above a couple of inches but can spread 12 inches or more. Even more attractive is round dainty evergreen leaves accented by bright red berries. Partridge berry grows best in full to mostly shaded area. It like a bit of moisture, but not too much. Acidic soil seems to help the plant thrive. Partridge berry is consumed by several birds, such as r

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