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Jump on the Sedge wagon!

Everybody is doing it! You should too. Plant sedges that is! Sedges are becoming increasingly popular as ground cover. If you are thinking of ripping out that nasty Lirope(lily turf) or replacing your invasive Aegopodium(bishop's weed) or even just filling in an empty hole in the landscape; Carex should be at the top of the replacement list. Sedges are a grass like plant that are in the Carex family. There are over 2000 varieties of sedges and there are some native to almost every continent. There are varieties for any habitat. Most sedges prefer shady areas but there are some that do great in full sun. Gardeners are becoming increasingly attracted to their diverse foliage. From the

Dry Shade - Tried and true

One of the most frequent questions we get at Watermark Woods is 'What can I plant in Dry Shade?' Yes it is a tricky spot to plant, but there are a few plants that can come to your rescue. Here is my list of tried and true heroes for your dry shady spot: Polystichum acrostichoides - Christmas Fern Aquelegia canadensis – Wild Columbine Polygonatum -Solomon’s Seal Helianthus divercatus-Woodland Sunflower Iris cristada – Dwarf Iris Carex albicans – White Tinged Sedge Carex flacosperma - Blue WoodSedge Carex plantegenia - Silver Sedge Anemone virginiana – Wild Anemone Eupatorium rugosum – White Snake Root Solidago caesia - Goldenrod Phlox divercata – Creeping Phlox Violia striata – White Violet

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