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Plant Profile: Monarda

Boy, do I love Monardas! They are great performers in the garden, the pollinators love them and they are blooming right now. My Monarda didyma is going crazy. There are a lot of cultivars out there and personally the one I love best is Jacob Cline. It is pretty mildew resistant and very easy to find. My second favorite is M. punctata. I like it mostly for it's unique flowers that seem to grow out of one another. There is also a lot of controversy around the use of cultivars in the garden. I always try to have people promote diversity in their garden and also be well educated about the species they are planting. Mt. Cuba, in Delaware does a lot of research and plant trials. To read th

The War on Invasive Plants

Here at Watermark Woods we have some huge problems with invasive plants. We pull them out as best we can, but they always seem to have the upper hand. The article below has some great advice on how to regain control. One plant We love for this is Packera aurea. It is a profuse bloomer and a hearty spreader! We are finding that it is one of the few plants that can overcome japanese stilt grass. http://www.humanegardener.com/how-to-fight-plants-with-plants/

Cultivar Research

The debate on wether or not it is ok to use cultivars is always a hot one. Native plant gardeners typically fall somewhere on the spectrum of 'Only straight species' to 'Any unique cultivated plant will do'. We all need to do our own reading and decide what, if any, place cultivars have in our gardens. Luckily Mt. Cuba center in Deleware has started to evaluate cultivars and you can find their research published here: http://mtcubacenter.org/research/trial-garden/ What is a cultivar and why should I care? Cultivars are simply asexually cultivated plants. Some are even derived from naturally occurring populations. They are cultivated via cuttings or other non-pollinated means. This pres

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